Time Warner Cable to Test Genre-Based Lineup in Syracuse

Playing into the notion that viewers watch certain types of programming, Time Warner Cable will beta test a genre-based channel lineup in upstate New York next month.

Time Warner Cable will group channels together in the Syracuse, New York DMA, starting on June 18. Should the test prove successful, the nation’s No. 2 MSO will begin launching the genre-based lineups in other markets come August, as a prelude to a rollout across its footprint, according to the company.

Under the set-up in Syracuse, channels 0-99 will remain in the same positions. Beyond that Time Warner Cable will host related channels under headings for Entertainment, Life & Style, News & Info, Kids & Teens, Music, Sports, Inspiration, Shopping and Latino, among others. Premium channels will be positioned in the 500-range, while on-demand entries will be grouped above the 1000 level.

Moreover, Time Warner Cable also will automatically display the high-definition feed for the corresponding standard channel

The MSO said parental control and DVR settings will remain intact so subscribers won’ have to worry about reprogramming their settings or lose recordings.

More information can be found at Time Warner Cable’s “How-To” videos available on the How-To On Demand channel 1999 or on its YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/timewarnercable