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The Watchman: If It Breeds, It Leads on FX; Dick Wolf Chases Bad Guys, and Girls, on Oxygen

Breeders has begun on FX. Martin Freeman, who played Lester Nygaard in the first season of Fargo, is a father whose patience with his children is fading fast. Daisy Haggard plays his wife.

FX describes the edgy comedy as exposing “the parental paradox that it is possible, in the very same moment, to love your child to the horizon of the universe, while being apoplectically angry enough to want to send them there.”



Michael McKean plays the estranged father of Haggard’s Ally character.

He said the Breeders cast has that something special. “What really, really counts is when the cameras shut down and you have lunch — what those conversations are like, how much fun you’re having,” McKean said at the TCA Winter Press Tour. “There comes a time at every job that I really love: Someone — often me but not always — says, this is a great job. This is an amazing thing we do. We get to hang out with funny people and laugh. There’s nothing like it.”

Freeman, Simon Blackwell and Chris Addison created Breeders. It’s dark. And quite funny.

Dick Wolf Chases Bad Guys, and Girls, on Oxygen

A new season of Cold Justice begins on Oxygen March 14. Working with local law enforcement, the Cold Justice team has brought on a bunch of arrests, and some convictions to boot.

Dick Wolf executive produces. Cases this season include the murder of a young mother in Fort Myers, Florida, whose football hotshot husband was arrested for her killing; an aspiring police officer shot to death in his motel room, also in Fort Myers; and the murder of an elderly man whose wife was known to have a violent temper. The latter case saw investigators turn up at the home of the 84-year-old wife, Norma Albritton, only to find she wasn’t there. The investigators ventured out to a nearby convenience store for snacks, and found ol’ Norma there.

Cold Justice

Cold Justice

“The show gets a little lucky sometimes,” executive producer Liz Cook said.

The victim’s family is visited at the beginning and end of each episode. Being able to bring positive news to the grieving families means a lot to the producers. “You want to go into those with good results,” Cook said. “Seeing their satisfaction really makes it worthwhile.”

Cold Justice spent three seasons on TNT, and a couple more now on Oxygen. What compels people to tune in? “People like to see justice,” said Cook. “They want to see them get the bad guy.”

There’s a wide array of intriguing suspects this season. “From the football player to the 84-year-old woman,” Cook said. “They’re old and young, female and male, all different ages. It covers everything.”

Michael Malone
Michael Malone

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