The Watchman: Gordon Ramsay Is Off the Charts; ‘L.A.’s Finest’ Goes Wide

Season two of Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted begins on Nat Geo June 7. The show sees Ramsay traverse the globe seeking out culinary inspiration. He ventures to Tasmania, South Africa, Norway and other exotic destinations.

'Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted'

'Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted'

“We find weird places and weird people and throw Gordon in there,” executive producer Jon Kroll said. “He turns it into television gold.”

To Ramsay, local flavor is as much about residents as ingredients. “We get the opportunity to learn from the locals and hear their stories, and that gives us a much deeper experience and understanding of the world around us,” Ramsay said.

Indonesia is a highlight, said Kroll, with great food and memorable residents. “It’s the most Uncharted bang for your buck this season,” Kroll promised.

Also up there is Sumatra, where Ramsay ran with some bulls, and Tasmania, where people “definitely have a bit of a screw loose,” Kroll said. In Tasmania, the host, and producers, sample a local whiskey smoked in sheep poop. In Guyana, Ramsay joins the locals in hunting caiman by hand, and in South Africa he was stalked by a rhino and a couple of hippos.

“It’s been all we can do to keep that man alive,” Kroll said.

Season two of L.A.’s Finest premieres on Spectrum Originals June 8. Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba play partners in the LAPD. The show was inspired by Jerry Bruckheimer’s Bad Boys franchise.

‘L.A.’s Finest’

‘L.A.’s Finest’

Fox revealed it will air L.A.’s Finest in the fall. The producers are stoked to have the show in front of many more viewers. “There’s no better feeling than to have the show we made, that we’re incredibly happy with, to now have the opportunity to have it seen by millions more viewers,” executive producer Brandon Sonnier said.

L.A.’s Finest, from Sony Pictures Television, was initially a pilot at NBC before shifting to Spectrum Originals. Now it’s headed back to broadcast. “It’s just been a wild journey,” executive producer Brandon Margolis said.

The Brandons said the series stepped outside the network procedural structure when it moved to cable, making for a more unique viewing experience. It also offers a couple big names in the lead roles. Union plays Syd, who departed the DEA to join the LAPD, and Alba plays Nancy, who is dealing with a rebellious teen-age stepdaughter.

Whether their first names were an homage to 1986 punk biopic Sid and Nancy has not been confirmed.

Bruckheimer executive produces L.A.’s Finest.

“What you get when you put movie stars on the show, and Jerry Bruckheimer, is motion picture-
quality entertainment,” Sonnier said. “It’s like a real action movie in your living room.” 

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