Tennis Fits In New Series Debut Tonight

Tennis Channel tonight launches a new series that aims to get viewers in better shape to whack the ball.
Fit to Hit, devoted to the latest health, exercise and diet activities that benefit amateur and professional tennis players alike, will throw in its first serve on Dec. 7 at 7 p.m. (ET).
Hosted by model and actress Danielle Dotzenrod, Fit to Hit takes viewers inside the world of sports nutrition and fitness to uncover secrets that can give even weekend players an edge. Installments will focus on the latest trends in tennis science and equipment, aerobic threshold and endurance, injury prevention, wellness, mental strategies, best nutritional practices and training techniques from elite instructors throughout the sport.
In the first edition of Fit to Hit, Dotzenrod visits the USTA training facility in Carson, Calif., with the largest tennis-specific gym in the nation.She provides an insider's guide on everything from stretching and warming up to cardiovascular and anaerobic endurance, and offers three secret weapons for getting "fit to hit." Dotzenrod also offers instruction on how to build an inexpensive tennis-specific gym at home, how to train to avoid injury and how to properly hydrate before, during and after a match.
"Even Tennis Channel viewers who rarely play tennis or don't play at all will find something in Fit to Hit that they can apply to their lives," said Dotzenrod in a statement. "This sport is one of the most enjoyable ways that a person can stay in shape for a lifetime, but there are also some tennis-minded exercises and activities that are fun as well and can keep you fit and healthy, and improve your game. I'm excited to share these with everyone who tunes into Fit to Hit."