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TCA16: Peak TV Keeps Peaking, Says FX Chief Landgraf

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Just over a year since his prediction about peak TV leveling off this year, John Landgraf, CEO of FX Networks, said the total number of scripted shows continues to rise.

Landgraf said the number of original scripted shows is around 430-450 currently, and likely to hit 500 next year.

“We could well see the growth trend carry on into the 2017-2018 calendar year,” he said. "I stick by my prediction that we'll see peak TV decline within 2-1/2 years. 2019 at the latest."

Landgraf envisions the total eventually leveling off around 400.

The exec noted FX’s strong showing in the Emmy nominations, particularly when factoring in that the network’s programming budget, he said, is a third of HBO’s and a sixth of Netflix’s.