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TCA: King Hitting The 'Wall' For 'Daily Show' Laughs

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CNN's John King doesn't mind a good laugh - even if it's at his expense. In fact, the news network's chief national correspondent said he is perfectly OK with Comedy Central's Jon Stewart making fun of him and CNN's infamous "magic wall."

When asked by TV critics last week at the Television Critics Association Tour in Los Angeles whether he gets upset when The Daily Show With Jon Stewart pokes fun at CNN's on-air interactive touch screen technology - which played a prominent role in the network's coverage of last year's presidential election - King said he actually gets a kick out of the ribbing and has even cooperated with them on some of their efforts in teasing CNN.

Still, he said, "the wall" is not a toy, but rather a useful tool to inform viewers and that it was incredibly helpful in CNN's election coverage.

"For us it's flattering that they're paying attention and I love to laugh as much as anyone, so when they're making fun of me ... I think it's great," he said, adding that he's been on the show several times. "What I think [Stewart] does at The Daily Show is part of the conversation of news and politics ... It's funny, sometimes sarcastic and occasionally I'm the guy getting kicked. But that's OK."