TBN’s Crouch Rebuts Sexual-Harassment Story

Trinity Broadcasting Network founder and president Paul Crouch issued a response to a story in the Sept. 12 edition of the Los Angeles Times saying that he was allegedly involved in a wrongful termination and sexual harassment case in 1997.

A statement issued by the network claimed that Crouch’s accuser “is a convicted felon and longtime drug abuser who has been imprisoned for years for serious crimes ranging from child sexual molestation to using illegal drugs such as crack cocaine. The accuser became involved with TBN through a drug-rehabilitation program conducted on TBN’s property. Upon his successful completion of the program, TBN gave him a chance by offering him employment.”

TBN’s statement continued, “Although the accuser fell back into drug abuse on more than one occasion during his employment, TBN extended grace to this man and kept him employed while he continued to seek rehabilitation and counseling. Finally, after being arrested for yet another drug-related violation, he was found guilty of violating his probation and was returned to prison for a year.”

The network added, “Upon his release from incarceration in 1997, he again sought employment with TBN and, when TBN declined, he threatened to sue TBN by alleging wrongful termination and sexual harassment, directing his most salacious allegations toward Dr. Crouch personally.”

Crouch then followed the advice and counsel of some trusted advisers, attorneys and spiritual leaders and reached a financial settlement with the accuser, but, according to TBN, “In violation of his agreement, and in an attempt to extract yet more money from TBN and Dr. Crouch, in late 2003, the accuser threatened to shop an autobiographical manuscript to the media should TBN and Dr. Crouch not agree to buy the manuscript for an exorbitant sum of money.”

The network continued, “Rather than even contemplating a second round of what Dr. Crouch considered extortion, and with the support of his present advisers and attorneys, Dr. Crouch and TBN fought the accuser in court, where the accuser and his false claims were soundly defeated.”

TBN’s statement concluded, “The good works of TBN are what define Dr. Crouch, and it is this work that will continue to define him. As such, Dr. Crouch will continue to respond to God’s call on his life as president of TBN, bringing to bear his own personality, integrity, enthusiasm and talent.”