Taylor Sues E! Over Blvd. of Broken Dreams

Model Niki Taylor filed a federal slander lawsuit against E! Entertainment Television for alleged intentional infliction of emotional distress, AP reported.

Taylor sued the network over its profile of her during its Blvd. of Broken Dreams series, and her lawsuit also alleged fraud, breach of contract and invasion of privacy, according to AP.

The suit said E! falsely claimed that the show would focus on Taylor's current life and professional endeavors, including her signature fragrance, clothing line, upcoming cosmetics line and charitable foundation, AP reported.

Instead, the lawsuit added, the network and its producer focused on Taylor's past hardships and characterized her as a celebrity "who risked everything ... and lost,” according to AP.

Caroline H. Mankey, Taylor’s attorney, told AP the episode of Blvd. of Broken Dreams featuring her client was repeatedly shown last week despite demands from Taylor's lawyers that it be pulled from E!’s lineup.

“They neglected their journalistic obligations to report truthfully and accurately; they violated express promises they made to the plaintiff, supermodel Niki Taylor; and they demonstrated a reprehensible disregard for the substantial harm their actions would cause to Ms. Taylor," the complaint said, according to AP.