Tad Low Music Party Hits VOD on FiOS

FiOS TV customers will be the first to join an interactive house party hosted by Pop Up Video creator Tad Low.

Concert TV's Spin The Bottle interactive music show will be available from now through May 10 on FiOS TV's video on demand, allowing viewers to use their remote control to select musical performances and wander through various rooms of an exclusive music party as a virtual guest.

"This new programming from Concert TV is just another example of how FiOS continues to lead the way toward a truly interactive at-home entertainment experience," Terry Denson, vice president of content strategy and acquisition for Verizon, said in a release. "With widgets, interactive sporting events and more, our customers are getting an interactive TV service that only FiOS can deliver."

Matthew Davidge, president of Concert TV parent Interactivation, said in the release: "We like to push the envelope of video interactivity, and we're thrilled to be working with Verizon to deliver interactive television to FiOS viewers. Look out for more interactive shows later in the year."
Created and hosted by Low, Spin The Bottle was scripted and created using Interactivation's proprietary technology. The new show will be available to FiOS TV subscribers on the Concert TV VOD network and online at the network's web site.
"This technology gives the home viewer an overall entertainment experience that recreates what it was actually like to attend the exclusive party filmed," Low, the CEO of Spin The Bottle, said in the release. "The viewer controls which rooms to enter, which bands to watch and where to hang out, providing the ability to enjoy the party in its full glory from the comfort of their home."
Low's other creator credits include Pants-Off Dance-Off  and New York-centered Video IQ and Subway Q&A .