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T-Mobile: WLNY Spectrum Freed Up

T-Mobile says CBS-owned WLNY-TV New York (Long Island) has completed its early repack of spectrum, which means T-Mobile will be able to access the spectrum it bought in the broadcast incentive auction.

The WLNY spectrum covers parts of Long Island into Brooklyn and Queens.

T-Mobile was the biggest spectrum winner in the auction and has been striking deals with stations to clear off spectrum earlier than the FCC's timetable.

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For example, last fall Fox struck a deal with T-Mobile to move WWOR-TV New York to new spectrum 16 months earlier than its FCC phase--the transition is happening in 10 phases over more than three years. 

The early clearances in New York will speed T-Mobile's LTE coverage in the New York City area.

CBS TV Stations president Peter Dunn said the move to new spectrum was "seamless."

T-Mobile also volunteered to pay for affected low-power stations to move to temporary channels.

T-Mobile struck a deal last year with PBS and Americas Public TV Stations (APTS) to help them with rural translators, whose moves are not covered by the relocation fund.