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T-Mobile Pulls Tom Brady, Gwen Stefani Ads

T-Mobile has agreed to pull ads making claims that the National Advertising Division (NAD) of BBB National Programs (formerly the Better Business Bureau), have determined were not supported.

The move is a bit like closing the closing the barn door after the team of horses has gotten out, since both ads debuted during CBS’s Feb. 7 telecast of Super Bowl LV to a huge audience and have been airing ever since.

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The two ads featured GOAT quarterback Tom Brady and singer Gwen Stefani in the now familiar format of conversations that get garbled, presumably on the networks of T-Mobile competitors, to humorous and embarrassing results.

NAD can only recommend, not mandate, such actions.

T-Mobile said it “is disappointed by NAD’s conclusion that consumers may take away a negative message from its humorous commercials,” but agreed to pull them anyway.

Wireless and wired broadband companies routinely counter-complain against one another over various service claims.