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SWRV Celebrates FiOS Launch With Ice Cream Truck In N.Y. Area

The SWRV music channel is celebrating a FiOS TV launch with ice cream and song download giveaways, dispensed from a customized Mister Softee truck, at hot spots in the New York City area this weekend.

The Music Choice-owned outlet launched on channel 1799 on Verizon's FiOS system in late June, marking a breakthrough in the New York City tri-state area. The branded SWRV Mister Softee Ice Cream Truck has been visiting locations in the city, the Jersey Shore and Long Island since Thursday and will do so through Sunday.

On each free cup of ice cream served will be a special quick response (QR) code for exclusive song downloads from such bands as Mindless Behavior, We The Kings (pictured), and JoJo.

At each location the ice cream truck stops, millennials will be introduced to the network through a LED TV screen and SWRV brand ambassadors are encouraging consumers to interact with the network to get their 15 minutes of fame on television. Consumers can upload their own user-generated videos on the spot for a chance to take over the network, text in their video dedications and instantly vote on what music video should air next.

Fans can follow the SWRV ice cream truck's travels online via Facebook; Twitter @SWRV_TV and Tumblr.

Other SWRV affiliates include Cox Communications and AT& T U-verse.