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Survey: Trump Voter Fraud Claims Draw Skepticism

new Morning Consult/Politico poll finds that 44% of those surveyed don't believe President Donald Trump's assertion that there was widespread election fraud, while only 25% believe there was.

Of Trump voters, only 36% say they believe the claim.

More people (35%) thought that if there was such fraud, Trump, not Hillary Clinton, was the most likely to benefit, with 30% saying it was Clinton, though given the margin of error that was about an even split.

More respondents approved than not of each of the President's initial flurry of executive orders, with revoking funding for sanctuary cities leading the list at 55% approving to 33% disapproving.

The survey was conducted before his most recent orders on a travel ban and ethics.

Asked to prioritize three big ticket items, 39% said tax reform as the top answer, followed by repealing Obamacare (28%) and building "the wall" (11%).

Trump has been conducting his own survey among supporters about what they want him to prioritize, but it is not clear whether that will ever be published.

The survey was conducted online Jan. 26-28 among a sample of 1,991 registered voters weighted to approximate a target sample based on age, race, gender and education. It has a margin of error of plus or minus two percentage points. In a weighted sample, representatives of underreporting categories get more weight than others.