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Survey: Support for Trump Impeachment Slips

Even as the Democrats' impeachment inquiry heats up, support for impeachment of President Donald Trump has fallen, according to a new Morning Consult/Politico poll, and a majority of respondents said they think President Donald Trump will be re-elected, including a third of Democrats.

The poll found that 47% favor a House vote to impeach, down 4 percentage points since Oct. 11-13. The latest poll was conducted Nov. 1-3 among 1,983 registered voters (margin of error plus or minus two percentage points).

Only 27 percent said they had a lot of confidence in the President's handling of the economy, despite a booming stock market, but that was still 10 percentage points more than the 17% of voters who said that Bernie Sanders, with Joe Biden only getting 15% and Elizabeth Warren 14%.

The poll found that 56% of voters believe it is likely that Trump will be re-elected, which presumes he won't be removed from office. Eighty-five percent of Republicans said that, but even 35% of Democrats said he will likely win.