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Survey Says: White House Seeks Input on Big Data Inquiry

The White House sent out an e-mail March 21 seeking public input on its review of "big data and privacy."

The White House working group on that topic is headed by Obama counselor John Podesta, who is charged with a 90-day review of how data is being stored by the commercial and government sectors, and academe, and the impact on society.

That review was announced Jan. 17 as part of the Administration's response to concerns over National Security Agency (NSA) data collection practices exposed by former contractor Eric Snowden.

The e-mail links to a White House web page with a survey to fill out.

Questions include what technologies are transforming daily, and how much the collection of audio and video data concerns them.

The White House said it had already heard from industry and privacy advocates, but added "this is a conversation that affects all Americans, and we want to make sure you have a chance to be a part of it. We want your input."