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Survey: Clinton Won Debate

According to a brand new Politico/Morning Consult poll, 42% of respondents said Hillary Clinton won Sunday night's presidential debate, while only 28% said Donald Trump did. Another 30% said they didn't know.

The debate moderators were tabbed as being more favorable to Clinton by a wide margin among those who thought they leaned one way or the other.

While 43% said CNN's Anderson Cooper was "fair and impartial," 40% said he favored Clinton while only 5% said he favored Trump. While 40% said ABC's Martha Raddatz was "fair and impartial," 40% said she favored Clinton and only 6% said she was more favorable to Trump.

Large portions of the survey respondents found the debate "depressing" (46%) or "awful" and "bad for the country" (42%), but 47% said it was entertaining nonetheless, and 55% said one word that would not describe it was "boring."

Donald Trump got high marks for the descriptors "sexist" (60%), racist (51%) and out of touch with average Americans (51%).

Clinton was described as overly secretive by 63% and corrupt by 55% (Trump's corrupt number was 44%).

But only 13% of the registered Republicans surveyed said Trump should get out of the race.

The online survey was of 2,001 registered voters polled Oct. 10. It has a margin of error of 2 percentage points.