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Survey: Clinton Leads Trump Nationally By 11 Points

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton leads Republican Donald Trump by 11 percentage points (46% to 35%) among likely voters in the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal tracking poll, which found a solid majority (72%) saying Trump's recently revealed comments about women were either inappropriate but typical of some men (31%) or completely unacceptable (41%).

With the third-party candidates removed, Clinton's lead in the polls grows to 14 points. That is the largest margin since NBC/WSJ began polling the pair last September.

The poll was taken Saturday and Sunday (Oct. 8 and 9), after The Washington Post reported on a tape of lewd comments Trump made to Billy Bush—then with Access Hollywood—about what he liked to do to women, but before Sunday night's second presidential debate.

According to the poll, a majority (52%) of all respondents said the tape should be a campaign issue, while 42% said it shouldn't.

Looking at the races for control of the Congress—currently Republican majorities in each—49% of all respondents say they'd like to see Democrats in power again, compared to 42% who chose the GOP. That is up three percentage points from a month ago and the biggest Democrat advantage since the October 2009 government shutdown, according to NBC/WSJ.

The poll was of 500 registered voters and has a margin of error of 4.6% for likely voters and 4.4% for all respondents.

NBC will also release a post-debate poll in the next few days.