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Superstation WGN to Pump Corner Gas

Corner Gas, Canada's No. 1 comedy series for five years running, crossed the border and for the first time ever will be seen exclusively in the United States on Superstation WGN beginning this fall.

The show is Canada's most-watched comedy series, consistently attracting more viewers in Canada than My Name Is Earl, Ugly Betty, The Office, The Simpsons or any other American comedy program since it premiered on CTV in 2004.

Corner Gas is an ensemble-comedy series chronicling the adventures of a bunch of nobodies in the middle of nowhere who get up to nothing in the fictional town of Dog River.It focuses on the life (or lack thereof) of Brent LeRoy, proprietor of a gas station that is the only stop for miles and a hub of action. As LeRoy, Canadian Comedy Award winner and series creator Brent Butt portrays the life he would have led had he gotten areal job: pumping gas in a small town.

All four seasons of the half-hour comedy were acquired for a two-year run.

Corner Gas will begin airing nationally on Superstation WGN in primetime, with additional episodes expected to air nightly in late fringe alongside hit comedies Scrubs and Becker.The series will also air in Superstation WGN's Friday-night comedy block, where it will be paired with new additionsChapelle's Show andReno 911!.