‘Sunny in Philly’ Lets Fans Create Their Own Trailers

FX Thursday announced a new mashup application that lets viewers create and edit their own trailers for its comedy series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Using the Sunny Trailer Mashup, fans can pick and choose from clips from the first three seasons of the show to build promo videos and then let other fans vote and comment on their creations.

FX partnered with Gorillaspot, an online social marketing platform that offers brands and online content publishers the opportunity to engage audiences via the Web for this promotion.

The video editing application, SpotMixer Platform, also allows fans to rate other user’s videos and e-mail them to friends. 

The show also has a new official blog, the Paddy’s Pub blog, which is written and moderated by two writers from the show, Patrick Walsh and Sonny Lee. Along with keeping up the show, fans can e-mail questions to the cast which will be answered via video clips posted on the blog.

The series’ fourth season debuted Sept. 18.