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Sunlight: Anti-Net Neutrality Comments Dominate Second Round

The Sunlight Foundation's analysis of the second batch of network neutrality comments released by the FCC in October found that it was dominated by opponents to net neutrality rules, but Sunlight also says that was due to the docket's inundation by form letters orchestrated by a single group.

Its analysis back in September of the first round of comments, which the FCC released in August, found that less than 1% of the comments were clearly opposed to net neutrality, with at least 60% of the comments from form letters, though it said that volume was actually low for "high-volume" regulatory dockets, which certainly describes the FCC net neutrality docket. It had more than 4 million comments, a record for the commission.

In the second tranche of comments, whose analysis Sunlight released Tuesday (Dec. 16), 60% of the comments opposed network neutrality, the group said, which came almost entirely from letters generated by American Commitment (56.5% of the anti-net neutrality comments). Only about 1% of non-form letters opposed network neutrality.

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