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Sundance Befriends Four Eyed Monsters

Susan Buice’s and Arin Crumley's Four Eyed Monsters was the winner of the 2006 Sundance Channel Audience Award for the eight-month indieWIRE: Undiscovered Gems Film Series.

The film will earn a theatrical release through Emerging Pictures and a TV premiere on Sundance. The value of the award is $100,000.

Four Eyed Monsters is the darkly sweet, humorous and innovative tale of the online courtship between Arin, a shy videographer, and Susan, an art-school graduate working as a waitress,” the network said in a release.

“As their romance develops, they make a pact to not speak to one another. So they only write, draw, e-mail, text, instant-message, have sex and make videos for each other -- no talking,” Sundance added. “While no verbal conflict arises, a new world of more complicated problems is discovered, forcing them to deal with intimacy as they meld together and create a monster.”