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Style Gives 'Split Ends' A Third-Season Appointment

Style Network has renewed its hair-salon reality series Split Ends for a third season, officials said Thursday.

Offering a unique look at the hair business, the unscripted weekly series shows what happens when two very different hairstylists, armed with their blow dryers and "attitude," swap shops and discover what it's like to walk in the other's shoes. Production for the new season of Split Ends has begun, with an anticipated spring premiere.

Split Ends is currently recruiting participants in 20 cities across the country, from New York to Minneapolis to Chicago to Los Angeles. During each episode, hairstylists from opposite ends of the spectrum -- from top celebrity stylists to small town hairdressers -- are taken out of their comfort zones, switching roles and settings to the complete surprise of their unsuspecting clients and co-workers.

Split Ends was developed by Style Network in collaboration with 44 Blue Productions. Stephanie Drachkovitch, Rasha Drachkovitch and Glenn Meehan of 44 Blue executive produce the series with Style's current programming senior director, Renee G. Simon.