Study: Broadcasters Still Suspect of UHD, HEVC

Few global media companies are willing to make any significant investments in broadcasting Ultra HD (UHD) technology today, with many believing there’s just not enough consumer demand to upgrade to UHD, according to a new report.

The survey from multiscreen video and ad management solutions company Imagine Communications garnered the opinions of more than 700 broadcast and media professionals, and found that nearly 50% estimated it would take more than two years before there was enough market demand to justify any significant investment in UHD.

Twenty-eight percent pegged that timeline at least more than a year, 17% said under a year, while only 5% said there was enough consumer demand for UHD today. It was survey respondents who work for content distributors and post-production houses who were most likely to say there’s enough demand for UHD today to justify investments.

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