Stat Snacks for the MLB All Star Game

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Ahead of tonight's Major League Baseball All Star Game on Fox (July 14), the Harris Poll and digital network 120 Sports each released some stats of their own about America's favorite pastime.

Who's on First?
32% of Americans say they follow Major League Baseball (vs. 37% last year). Of those:
- 43% are men; 22% are women;
- 38% live in the West, 36% in the Midwest, 34% in the East and 25% in the South;
- 36% are suburbanites, 26% live in rural areas; and
- 41% are college grads, 39% have attended grad school, 33% have some college and 26% have a high school education or less.

Top 5 Favorite Teams

(1) New York Yankees
(2) Boston Red Sox
(3) Chicago Cubs
(4) Los Angeles Dodgers
(5) Detroit Tigers

Top 5 Picks to Win the World Series

(1) St. Louis Cardinals (17%)*
(2) New York Yankees (11%)
(3) Kansas City Royals (10%)
(4) Los Angeles Dodgers (9%)
(5) San Francisco Giants (7%)

*The last time the Cardinals were the top pick (in 2013), they made it to the series but were defeated by the Red Sox.

Instant Replay Reaction
- 75% of fans are aware of this season's new instant replay rule.
- 61% believe it has slowed down the pace of a typical game at least a little.
- 80% believe it has been good for the game overall.

SOURCE: The Harris Poll online survey of 2,200 adults, of whom 700 follow Major League Baseball; conducted June 17-22

120 Sports's Top 5 Millennial Players From the "MLB 25 and Under" List

(1) Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels, 23
(2) Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals, 22
(3) Giancarlo Stanton, Miami Marlins, 25
(4) Manny Machado, Baltimore Orioles, 22
(5) Anthony Rizzo, ChicagoCubs, 25

Random Notes About the Top 25 "MLB 25 and Under" Players
- 17 are on the 2015 All-Star team rosters.
- They represent 15 MLB teams, with the most coming from the Houston Astros and the St. Louis Cardinals (3 each).
- 16 are from the National League; 9 are from the American League
- 7 are pitchers, 1 is a catcher, 3 play first base, 2 play second base, 4 play third base, 1 is a short stop, and seven are outfielders.
- 14 were first-round MLB Draft picks.

SOURCE:120 Sports

The All Star Game airs live from Great American Ball Park (home of the Cincinnati Reds) at 6 p.m. on Fox.