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Sprout Releases App Of ‘Good Night Star'

Sprout has launched a "Good Night Star" free app on Apple and Google mobile platforms.

Designed for preschoolers and their parents to share on-the-go fun with one of Sprout's original characters, the downloadable app reinforces the network's learning approach -- Real Life Learning -- by using the familiar framework of a young child's day, relationships and experiences to further learning opportunities found in everyday moments.

The "Good Night Star" app, featuring Star from the network's nighttime block, The Good Night Show, allows preschoolers to virtually brush Star's teeth, wash his face, get him ready for bed and then gently rock him to sleep. Additional app activities include reading a story with Star and Lucy the Firefly, or singing along to Good Night Show songs like "Brusha Brusha" and Twinkle Twinkle."

"Summer time presents a unique set of challenges for parents raising preschool-age children," Andrew Beecham, SVP of programming for Sprout, said in a release. "Older siblings are out of school, the days are longer and family routines can often be interrupted by summertime trips away from home, or visits from out of town friends and family. Sprout's new Good Night Show app is a great way to help parents take their bedtime routine with them no matter where they are headed."

"Sprout recognizes that media is an integral part of the everyday lives of 21st century families, and embraces media as a positive tool for parents and caregivers," said Gael Levin-Simon, educational consultant for Sprout. Research shows that learning takes place best when children are engaged and enjoying themselves, and the ‘Good Night Star' app gives parents the opportunity to take the Real Life Learning concept that they have come to trust and depend on from Sprout, on the road with them this summer."