Sprout To Air Christmas Eve ‘Snooze-A-Thon’ For Preschoolers

Sprout is offering its preschool version of the televised “Yule Log,” a programming block this Christmas Eve designed for parents trying to get their little ones settled down and ready for bed. 

The network and on-demand service from 6 p.m. Christmas Eve straight through to 5 a.m. Christmas morning will air the “Snooze-A-Thon,” an 11-hour, uninterrupted block.

The block will showcase Sprout nighttime host Nina and her puppet sidekick Star from The Good Night Show snoozing comfortably on the set, along with clips of beloved characters from preschool favorites like Sesame Street, Dragon Tales, The Hoobs, Pingu and Berenstain Bears catching some zzz’s.

So no matter what time of night the kids are up checking for the sound of reindeer hooves on the roof, parents can tune into Sprout to show them that even their favorite television friends are fast asleep waiting for Santa to arrive.

“Parents have told us that bedtime is the most challenging time of day, and getting children settled in on Christmas Eve can be even more difficult,” Andrew Beecham, Sprout’s senior vice president of programming, said in a prepared statement. “We help parents wind down their kids every night with The Good Night Show, but wanted to do something unique and fun for this special evening.”