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Spot.IM Survey: Republicans Agree Press Too Tough on Trump

Not a big surprise here, but 85% of Republicans surveyed say Donald Trump has gotten too much negative coverage from the press, while only 9% of Democrats agree.

That is according to new analysis from social engagement platform Spot.IM, whose clients include News Corp. and Meredith, according to a spokesperson for the company.

Spot.IM queried 526 random participants about their news consumption.

Given that the presidential debates and conventions scored high in Nielsen Social rankings of tweets and Facebook posts, it is no surprise that more than one in five (21%) said they had used those and other social platforms (Snapchat for example) during a presidential debate, with another 20% having said they had texted during a debate.

When asked to identify the news website they frequent, the top picks broke along clear party lines.

Among Democrats, independents and those expressing no affiliation, was the most popular; among Republicans, it was