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Sportsman Channel Presents "Whitetail Wonderland" Throughout December

Sportsman Channel is presenting fans of the whitetail deer with an early holiday gift.

The outdoor network tonight will unwrap "Whitetail Wonderland," three weeks of special programming dedicated to North America's most popular game animal.

Beginning Dec. 8 with a five-hour marathon, the stunt is being integrated within the network's "Big Game Wednesdays, " which is presented by Wildgame Innovations. The whitetail fare will run from 7 p.m. to midnight (ET).
The special programming continues on the"Full Draw Friday Night" block, presented by Rack1.
"Whitetail Wonderland" primetime programming will continue every Wednesday and Friday night in December through Christmas Eve.

This week's schedule is as follows:
Wednesday, December 8
7:30PM:Country Boys Outdoors - Kentucky Early Season Bow episode
8:00PM:Whitetail Properties - Dream Dirt episode
8:30PM:North American Whitetail - Stan Potts and Kandi Kiski Illinois episode
9:00PM: Petersen's Hunting Adventures - Whitetail Deer and Hog Combo episode
9:30PM:The Zone - Texas whitetail episode
10:00PM:Heartland Bowhunter - Sticker 8 whitetail episode
10:30PM:Back Country Quest - Season wrap-up, best-of-the-best whitetails episode
11:00PM:All Outdoors with Alan Probst - Terry Rohm Deer episode
11:30PM:Midwest Whitetail with Bill Winke - Weather Break episode

Friday, December 10
8:00PM: Own the Zone TV - Michigan Whitetail episode
9:00PM:Arrow Affliction - Wyoming Whitetail episode