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SpectrumCo to FCC: T-Mobile Can't Have It Both Ways

Cable operators took aim at T-Mobile in an FCC filing
Thursday. They joined with Verizon to ask the FCC essentially to dismiss
T-Mobile's opposition to their proposed sale of advanced wireless spectrum to
Verizon Wireless.

In a response to T-Mobile filings, Comcast, Time Warner
Cable, Bright House (SpectrumCo) and Verizon Wireless said T-Mobile was
contradicting statements it had made "only months ago" when it was
pitching the FCC on its proposed sale of spectrum to AT&T, which the FCC

T-Mobile told Congress that the wireless market is very
competitive and would remaining "fiercely competitive" even after the
combination of two of the top four wireless carriers, they point out, and
T-Mobile also said that wireless licensees were not hoarding. Now, they said,
T-Mobile was saying that consolidation of spectrum by large carriers "may
reduce the motivation for efficient use of the spectrum" and that they
have incentive to "hoard a scarce resource."

T-Mobile cannot have it both ways, they say, and ask the
commission to give no credence to what it characterizes as parroting claims it
recently dismissed.