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Spectrum Hearing Will Stay Put

A spokesperson for the
House Communications & Internet Subcommittee said Thursday that an April 12
hearing on spectrum issues will not be rescheduled again.

The hearing was already
moved once, but now has a lot of competition for broadcaster and media
attention since it is scheduled for the same day that thousands of broadcasters,
and FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski and Commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker,
will be in Las Vegas for NAB's annual convention.

The week of April 12 was
shaping up to be about the only time the hearing could be scheduled and still
be in April, according to sources. Subcommittee Chairman and former broadcaster
himself, Greg Walden (R-Ore.), said last week that there would be a spectrum
issue in April, including dealing with NAB allegations of spectrum hoarding by
cable and satellite operators.

"Numerous variables
contribute to any hearing schedule," said the spokesperson, adding:
"April is especially tight with other subcommittee hearings and the two
week spring recess."  Bottom line: "The spectrum hearing date
will not be moved."