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Source: FCC Sets Zero Tolerance for Wireless Interference to TVs

The FCC has adopted a report and order on how much interference a wireless service can cause to TV stations, and vice versa after the upcoming incentive auction, and an FCC source said the answer is "not much."

The commission had teed up the item for a vote at the public meeting Thursday, but voted it early and removed it from the agenda.

The source said the commission has said that there will be a zero tolerance for wireless providers interfering with TV stations, and that TV stations can expand their contours by 1%, but beyond that would have to strike an agreement with the wireless companies they would be interfering with.

To clear as much spectrum as possible, the FCC is repacking some TV stations in the wireless band after the auction. Broadcasters have questioned the OET-69 software the FCC is using to calculate that inter-service interference.