'Snapped' Hits 100 on Oxygen

Oxygen’s true-crime documentary series Snapped returns to its seventh season with milestone episode No. 100 on June 4 -- the tale of Susan Grund and her murdered district attorney husband.

The hit series, produced by Jupiter Entertainment, expanded in length to one hour during the current season, when average viewing in the females 18-49 category is up 14% (254,000 vs. 223,000) from this mid-term point in season 6. Total viewers are up 13%, to 634,000 from 561,000, for the 10 p.m. Thursday reality serial, according to NBC Universal-owned Oxygen.

The Snapped episodes are about women who “snap” and are accused of murder. In an evenhanded way, the show recaps the story and talks to many of the principals, including the woman at the center of the drama. Such as Susan Grund.

In the 100th episode, Snapped viewers meet the town socialite, Susan Grund, but when her district attorney husband is found murdered in their home, all eyes are on her and her past. Did she have a motive to murder her husband, and what in her past led detectives to suspect her? The sensational scenario also inspired a 1996 TV movie, Vows of Deception, starring Cheryl Ladd.

More information about Snapped, including webisodes from past episodes, is available at Oxygen’s Web site.