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Smithsonian Channel Sets Malcolm X Documentary

Smithsonian Channel will air a documentary on the life of civil rights icon Malcolm X in a new documentary, The Lost Tapes: Malcolm X. the network said Wednesday.

The documentary, which premieres Feb. 26, will relive the pivotal years of the activist using rarely seen footage and audio tapes, including never-before-seen video of the Nation Of Islam rallies, as well as recordings made at the Audubon Ballroom on the day of his assassination in 1965, the network said.

Like other Lost Tapes episodes, the program relies solely on media reports from the time -- with no interviews or re-enactments – allowing viewers to relive the power of Malcolm’s story as it unfolded.

Previous installments of The Lost Tapes have included Pearl Harbor, the L.A. Riots, the Son of Sam and Patty Hearst.