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Small Government Groups Oppose CRA to Nullify Rule Rollback

Americans for Tax Reform and almost two dozen other small government groups have written a "dear congressman" letter opposing the use of the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to nullify the FCC's network neutrality regulation rollback.

The groups said that the 2015 Open Internet order was a solution in search of a problem. They argue the return to a light-touch approach approved Dec. 14 by the FCC's Republican majority will bost jobs and commerce.

"A CRA disapproval resolution would restore and make the FCC’s 2015 overreach permanent," they wrote. They were not ruling out congressional action altogether, however.

"While we believe that the FTC, DOJ and state Attorneys General already have robust powers, there may be a need for additional legislation."

Others signing on to the letter included The Competitive Enterprise Institute and the Small Business & Enterpreneurship Council.