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Sling TV Gets a Grid Guide

Old school is colliding with new school as Sling TV adds a traditional grid guide option – one of several new user interface features that the Dish Network-owned OTT TV service is introducing.

Sling TV has made the grid guide option available on all its Android platforms, with support for more devices coming soon.

Ben Weinberger, Sling TV’s chief product officer, acknowledged in a blog post that the addition of a grid guide “isn’t revolutionary,” but noted that, following DVR, “the grid guide has consistently been our most requested feature from Sling TV customers.”

Sling TV also plans to add new “Featured” content ribbons for TV shows and movies in the coming weeks, holding that the addition will make it easier for consumers to sift through the service’s VOD library.

Sling TV is also adding smarts to its “On Now” feature by showing the most popular events and shows first using a new, more intelligent live content sorting system.

Also on the way in the next few weeks is a new screen dedicated to TV shows that lets users find series based on genres such as drama, lifestyle, comedy, crime and science fiction.