Six Lost RKO Films Found by TCM

Turner Classic Movies purchased the copyrights and all right, title and interest to six RKO films that were previously thought to be lost.

The network said it is currently making new 35-millimeter fine-grain masters and prints of the six pictures, which it will air in 2007: Double Harness (1933), One Man's Journey (1933), Rafter Romance (1933), Stingaree (1934), Living on Love (1937) and A Man to Remember (1938).

“These six films had slipped through the cracks of film history because the two copyright holders -- Merian C. Cooper and Ernest L. Scanlon -- had long since passed away," TCM executive vice president and general manager Tom Karsch said in a prepared statement.

"As a result, they were languishing in film archives around the world, largely unpreserved,” he added. “As curators of film history, TCM is proud to take the lead on preserving these films and airing them for classic movie fans of all ages.”