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Sinclair Forms PAC

Sinclair Broadcasting is forming a PAC, according to a statement of organization filed with the Federal Election Commission.

The PAC is being organized by Sinclair's new senior VP, policy and strategy, Rebecca Hanson, who will be treasurer.

Sinclair has various bones to pick in Washington, including the FCC's scrutiny of its TV station deals—it has become the poster company for the commission's crackdown on sharing arrangements, particularly ones with associated financial arrangements like shared lenders. It has also been a vocal proponent of staying in the broadcasting business in the face of FCC encouragement—broadcasters say pressure—to give up spectrum in the incentive auction.

Hanson was the FCC's point person with broadcasters looking to participate in the incentive auction before joining Sinclair last fall to help it "navigate the challenges" of the coming years said Sinclair president David Smith at the time.

Smith signaled to investors this week that broadcasters needed to mobilize to get elected officials at the state and local level to support changes in ownership limits. “It starts right at the grass roots level in their marketplace—local politicians, mayors, delegates, on up to governors,” he said.

The PAC's formation was reported Thursday by The Hill.