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Showtime Unveils First Trailer with Haptic Technology Effects

Showtime is launching the first ever tactile feedback video for Android mobile devices, available on the fourth season of the drama series, Homeland.

Technology company, Immersion, will provide the virtual effects, making viewers feel as if they are immersed the high-impact series. The trailer is available in the “Coming Soon” area on Showtime Anytime for select Android devices.

“We’re always looking for innovative ways to create memorable fan experiences on mobile devices and it’s exciting to partner with Immersion for our number one series, Homeland,” said Executive Vice President, Program Marketing & Digital Services, Showtime Networks Inc, Don Buckley.

After installing the update, the trailer will provide a multi-layered sensory experience through tangible feedback. Viewers’ sight, sound and touch will be heightened as they experience the tactile effects of each dramatic scene.

Haptic technology has never been used through video on mobile devices, and Showtime is the first to market it through mobile advertising.

“The subtle, yet impactful placement of the haptic technology builds anticipation, giving the trailer an added element of suspense, achieved through a combined sensory experience,” said Buckley.

Two new back-to-back episodes of Homeland will air on October 5th at 9 p.m., in which the innovative trailer will then be available.