Showtime’s Soul Food Deals with HIV

The April 14 episode of Showtime’s Soul Food will examine the issues of HIV/AIDS when one of its characters reveals that he is HIV-positive, the premium network said Monday.

During the episode, "Maxine (Vanessa Williams) throws husband Kenny (Rockmond Dunbar) a surprise birthday party and his brother, Kelvin, played by F. Hill Harper (City of Angels, The Handler), comes to town to join in the festivities," the network said in a prepared statement.

"During his visit, Kelvin admits that he is HIV-positive," Showtime added. "As the two brothers struggle to connect and help one another through this difficult time, Kelvin opens up and confides that not only is he afraid he's going to die, but he is also wracked with guilt about the ruined lives of the women he has infected."

The fifth and final season of Soul Food began Feb. 25.