Shomi Selects ThinkAnalytics For Search and Recommendation Engine

Shomi, the subscription VOD joint venture of Rogers Communications and Shaw Communications, has selected ThinkAnalytics for a personalized search and recommendation engine as part of a plan to drive usage across the multiscreen offering.

Shomi will use ThinkAnalytics’s platform to complement and enhance shomie's existing recommendation/curation system that uses hand-picked titles.

The new engine shows personalized recommendations by learning about subscribers’ behavior and previous viewing preferences. Its “you will love,” “you may like,” and “more where that came from” picks integrate editorial selections, mood-based analysis, and results from multiple use cases, such as binge viewing, they said. Shomi supports both English and Canadian French.

The platform is running across shomi’s various platforms, which include set-top boxes, Web browsers, smartphones and tablets, Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles, the PlayStation 4, and Apple TV (via AirPlay).

“After reviewing the products available, we knew, based on their leadership in the market, proven track record, and positive customer references, ThinkAnalytics would enable us to take shomi to the next level of consumer experience,” said Ann Tebo, shomi’s senior director, customer experience & insights, in a statement.

Shomi, which competes in the market with Netflix and CraveTV and costs C$8.99 per month, launched across Canada in August 2015.

Shomi has not announced subscriber totals, but recently released some other data points – 17,698 episodes available to stream, 118 total series available, and 143 million total video plays. Adam Sandler and Shailene Woodley are the service’s most-searched actor and actress.