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S.F. News Crews Robbed at Gunpoint

According to KTVU and KNTV, both San Francisco, their news crews were robbed at gunpoint and a camera operator pistol whipped early Thursday morning while covering a shooting death the night before.

KTVU reporter Cara Liu was reporting live from Pier 14 when someone stole camera equipment from KNTV and pistol-whipped KNTV cameraman Alan Waples, who was not seriously injured, according to KNTV, which said the man then stole KTVU gear.

KRON and KGO-TV had crews at the pier as well, but escaped unscathed, according to KNTV.

"The attacks today are a reminder of how vulnerable news crews can be and of the dangers broadcast professionals can face daily," said SAG-AFTRA San Francisco-Northern California Local. "Unfortunately, sometimes the most prepared reporters still fall victim, as the KNTV and KTVU news crews experienced reporting on the tragic shooting death at Pier 14."

In a statement, the union said that it had met "with all major news stations and requested various security measures for reporting teams."