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Sexy Ladies, Online Poker On Tap For G4

G4 this summer will scour the content for the sexiest women on film and shuffle viewers behind the scenes of competitive online poker with two separate series debuting this summer.

G4 on June 7 will treat its male viewers to titillating women performing in activities ranging from saucy to the strange in a new series The International Sexy Ladies Show.

The series will feature commentary from popular comedians on such funny and provocative scenes as Japanese women baring bikinis to help them score shooting hoops, according to the network.

In August, the Comcast-owned network will follow four 20-something poker veterans who team up to try to beat the odds at online poker in the new reality series, 2 Months, $2 Million. The series will take viewers inside the living quarters of the interactive team while they play online poker around the clock to experience first hand the excitement of winning big money and the agony of losing it all in a single hand, according to the network.

"What makes 2 months, $2 million intriguing is the duality of the guys," said G4 president Neal Tiles in a statement. "On the surface each comes across as just your average G4 viewer...but in reality they're 'sharks' playing for keeps with big money and living a lifestyle our viewers can only dream of. This is what we intend to capture."