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Senate to Vet FTC Panel

The Senate Consumer Protection Subcommittee has scheduled a Federal Trade Commission oversight hearing for Nov. 27 at 2:30 p.m.

Among the things the subcommittee will look at is whether the FTC should have expanded authority with respect to online privacy and data security.

The FTC is the chief oversight agency for online privacy and access after the FCC deeded it that authority in reclassifying broadband as an information service.

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Both Republicans and Democrats have been raising questions about what authority the FTC should have to combat hacks and make sure edge providers like Facebook and Google are protecting their users' data and ensuring it is not being shared or sold to third parties without permission or notification, whichever is appropriate.

Currently, the FTC lacks rulemaking authority, but instead must enforce violations of laws against deceptive or unfair or anticompetitive practices.

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Congress has been looking at what additional resources, money or authority it needs to get that big job done in an "internet of everything" world.

All five commissioners, including the chairman are scheduled to testify—they are Joseph Simons (Chair), Rohit Chopra, Noah Joshua Phillips, Rebecca Kelly Slaughter, and Christine Wilson.