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Senate Commerce Slates Privacy Hearing

The Senate Commerce Committee will hold another online
privacy hearing, this one scheduled for June 28.

According to Committee Chair Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.), this
hearing, a follow-up to one on May 9, will look closely at how the online
advertising industry plans to honor its pledge to not track online info of Web
browsers who elect that option using a self-regulatory website icon or browser

The White House has urged self-regulation, but has also
backed legislation that would give the Federal Trade Commission more power over
industry players who do not play along with the do-not-track pledge.

"In our prior hearing on consumer privacy, both the Obama
Administration and the FTC commended recent industry efforts to provide
consumers with more privacy protections," said Rockefeller.  "However,
their reports also stated that industry can do more and that federal
legislation is necessary.