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Sen. Manchin Creates Own Broadband Speed Test Web Page

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) is encouraging West Virginians to submit broadband speed tests to the FCC to help make the case that his state's broadband coverage is "well below the stated coverage."

To that end, Manchin has created a web page on his Senate web site to help them take that speed test and send it to the FCC as well as to his office.

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The FCC has conceded its broadband coverage data is sorely lacking and is in the process of collecting more granular data as it also invests big bucks in deployment to the rural areas typical of Manchin's state. Some have suggested--notably Democratic commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel--that distributing the bulk of that money before it has a better grasp on where broadband is and isn't is putting the cart before the horse.

"So far, West Virginians’ efforts have helped the FCC acknowledge that our providers are overstating their coverage," said Manchin, "but we must continue to show where and how widespread the lack of broadband coverage is in West Virginia.”

Saying the lack of broadband access is having a "devastating" impact on tourism in his state, Manchin signaled back in August that he planned to be a regular correspondent with FCC chair Ajit Pai on the issue of broadband speeds and availability.