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SEMrush: Gabbard Draws Most Debate-Related Tweets

Data trend tracker SEMrush looked at the hottest topics--tweets, searches--related to Tuesday night's (Oct. 15) Democratic presidential debate on CNN and Tulsie Gabbard took the honors as most-tweeted-about.

Gabbard got 68% more tweets than Joe Biden at number two. The least-tweeted candidate was Julian Castro. The tale of the twitter tape was Gabbard, 84,674 tweets; Biden, 50,010; followed by O'Rourke, 49,357; Sanders, 36,602; and Yang, 33,151 rounding out the top five. Castro was at 9,779.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who is in pretty much of a dead heat with Biden atop a crowded Democratic field, was the most searched for candidate in October after being number two in September behind Andrew Yang. SEMrush said that Warren searches are up 313% since April 2019, while searches for Beto O'Rourke have decreased by 49%.

Among the other "buzziest" searches from the debate, in order of popularity: "Dude got to go"; Blue Democratic Wall, Tom Steyer Billionaire (his first debate appearance); Andrew Yang math pin; Warren vs. Biden; Bernie Sanders heart attack; Cory Booker vegan (he said he was the only vegan on the stage); Friendship Joe Biden; Andrew Yang Bing." (Yang said "no one uses Bing").