Scripps Boosts Election Coverage With Weekend Show

Beefing up its campaign coverage, E.W. Scripps is launching a weekend political program, The Race, which will air on most of the group’s stations Sept. 11 through Election Day.

The half-hour show will be hosted by Mike Sacks, Scripps’ Washington-based political correspondent. Interviews with politicians and political experts will be featured—as will in-depth reports on this year’s hot-button issues and the election's impact on them.

“The 2016 presidential election is unlike any we’ve seen in our lifetime,” said Scripps VP of news Sean McLaughlin. “Voters have an insatiable appetite for information on the candidates and we see this final stretch as a prime opportunity to deliver accurate and unbiased political coverage that delves beyond talking points and rhetoric."

McLaughlin said Scripps is well-positioned with stations in key swing states to reach audiences that will have a critical impact on who is elected as the next president. The group has a total of eight stations in Florida, Ohio, Nevada and Arizona.