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Sci Fi Channel Spins Off Tech Blog

Sci Fi Channel and, the world’s most heavily trafficked genre Web site, have   launched a consumer-entertainment tech site called DVICE, officials said Wednesday.

DVICE – formerly’s Tech Blog – is the latest extension of the Sci Fi brand. It has a staff of writers and contributors who will aim to keep readers current in the ever-changing world of technology. The new site will feature innovations that make their lives less complicated, not more, and only the hottest and best will be featured. Peter Pachal, who edited the Sci Fi Tech Blog, will be DVICE’s content editor.

DVICE’s strategy is to combine entertainment and information when reporting on the latest gadgets. The site will also produce an original weekly broadband show. 

In the show, host Vanessa Rae ( will try out some of the more adventurous gear, such as the speed and height-enhancing Power Risers; and offer on-the-street product tests and opinions from unsuspecting passers-by. The show is produced in conjunction with NBC Universal’s Peacock Productions.

This week DVICE is spotlighting a list of the worlds craziest high-tech buildings; the best robots you can buy; a Sharper Image vs. SkyMall Showdown; and a list of the top gadgets we wish existed, but don’t.yet. Also, appearing every Thursday is the weekly opinion column Shift, which takes a closer look at the latest gadget buzz. is the world's largest sci-fi entertainment Web site, with more than 3 million unique visitors each month. Its original content includes a daily entertainment news service, Sci Fi Wire, and the Sci Fi Pulse broadband network, which serves millions of streams of original video each month.