‘Save The Beetles!’ Set For Nickelodeon Debut

Save The Beetles!, a new mini-operetta tribute to the original “Fab Four” will makes its debut on Nickelodeon Monday, April 21.

The new primetime musical series features Lenie Colacino and Tom Teeley of Broadway’s “Beatlemania” as guest voices for the famous animated bug band “The Beetles.”

The Wonder Pets! chronicles the adventures of three funny, singing classroom pets: Linny the Guinea pig, Ming-Ming Duckling and Turtle Tuck, who travel the world and use teamwork to save baby animals in distress.

Every episode is an original mini-operetta filled with world music influences suited to the locale of the day’s adventure. In Save The Beetles!, the trio travels to Liverpool, England to save their favorite animated rock band.

The mini-operetta is composed by Larry Hochman, who provided the orchestration for Monty Python’s “Spamalot.”

Ahead of the April 21 premiere, Nickelodeon will roll out two-minute previews available to Comcast, Charter, Cablevision, Verizon FiOS and Cox video-on-demand customers.