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Sanders Seeks NY Televised Debate

In a letter to the campaign of Hillary Clinton, Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver said that given the recent electoral contests--Sanders swept Saturday primaries in three states--"it is clearer than ever that New York will play a critical role in determining the Democratic nominee.

However, your campaign has consistently chosen to deny the people of New York the opportunity to see Senator Sanders and Secretary CLinton debate in the Empire State.

New York's primary is April 19.

Weaver said he has been contacted by "numerous" news organizations about sponsoring a New York debate.

That comes as no surprise given the blockbuster ratings the debates have already generated, with the addition of the number one media market, New York, in the equation.

Weaver said the Clinton campaign had agreed to a March debate when Sanders agreed to a late-scheduled debate in New Hampshire before the primary, even though he was "well ahead" in the polls.